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The following songs are featured on YouTube with videos:

"Shake It Up now" by written by Kevin & Chelsea Brandow.

We are very happy to release our first EDM song along with a video!
I have been working with electronic music and Ableton
software for some time now. It is quite challenging to
branch out in an unfamiliar direction, but I'm always looking
to expand and grow as a person and a musician.

click here to see the video on YouTube

"Run" by written by Bryce Bell, Chelsea & Kevin Brandow.

Bryce and Kevin began this song in 2002. It literally took 16 years to complete! :o)
It sat on the shelf and we were finally able to get it right!

All keyboards and pianos by Bryce Bell, and lyrics by Chelsea. They made Kevin do the rest of the bull work! Recorded in 2002 on a Roland 2480 machine.

click here to see the video on YouTube

"When You Were On The Cross" written by Kevin & Chelsea Brandow.

This song was written for Good Friday. It brings to mind the message of Good Friday and Easter.

Music leaders feel free to add it to your song listing. Sing it, perform it, play the YouTube video(s) during your church service.

click here to see the video on YouTube

"Powerchange" is a song I wrote in 1986. A true 80s throwback.

I came down with a fever for a couple days last month (Feb 2018) and was laid up. I dug out my old videos and made this "sort of" compilation of my band Divine Right (1984-1991).

Making this video brought back so many great memories! Many of my friends are in the video somewhere!

Thank you all, from the bottom of my hair length lol!

click here to see the video on YouTube

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